No Boys Allowed: The New Rules Of Co-Working

“Women are craving community, connection and confidence, and that’s what we’re going to give them.”

Female focused co-working spaces and social clubs are cropping up across the country, as a response to contemporary feminism and a reaction against fratty venues that advertise kegs and pingpong. There’s The Wing in New York, New Women Space in Brooklyn, Rise Collaborative Workspace in St. Louis and Hera Hub in Southern California, Phoenix, Washington D.C. and Stockholm. But do women need a space of their own? Here’s a snippet of what the founders of these spaces had to say about how the future of co-working could be female. Read the full story online and in Bloomberg Businessweek.

The cafe at The Wing, a new female focused co-working space and social club in downtown Manhattan. (Ariana Igneri / November 2016)

“There’s been a rise of women led projects and organizations. Seeing all these groups proliferate in person and online, I couldn’t help but ask myself: What are women wanting? And is it something we could offer?” —Melissa Wong, New Women Space

“Women are craving community, connection and confidence, and that’s what we’re going to give them.” —Stacy Taubman, Rise Collaborative Workspace

The Wing’s vanities are stocked with high end beauty products from the company’s partners. (Ariana Igneri / November 2016)

“There are online platforms and conferences but nothing physical and permanent. We wanted to create a place where women could make spontaneous connections to help them figure out something professionally or be a lifeline for them in some other way.” —Audrey Gelman, The Wing

“We’re really trying to fuel this initiative about how we get the next wave of female entrepreneurs to lean out and open businesses.” —Felena Hanson, Hera Hub

A row of books from The Wing’s library, which is organized by color. (Ariana Igneri / November 2016)

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