Emo Is Alive And Well

Emo Night
The late ’90s are back, at packed live “emo night” events, for the all-American reject in us all.

Emo Nite LA and Emo Night Brooklyn are just two of a growing number of companies throwing semi-regular emo-themed DJ nights across the country for nostalgic millenials who came of age listening to bands like Taking Back Sunday and going to music festivals like Warped Tour. The parties, which are often DJed by emo celebrities like Ryan Key from Yellowcard, allow fans to reexperience old songs and youthful emotions for cheap. Listen to the playlist below to get a feel for what these events are like, and check out the full story online or in Bloomberg Businessweek.

“We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this genre, and it’s made us who we are.” —Ethan Maccoby, Emo Night Brooklyn cofounder

—Graphic illustration by Ariana Igneri

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