STREAMLINE: The Hottest Stories of the Day, Just Push Play

Streamline is a mobile app prototype delivering the most important and interesting stories of the day in the most engaging, efficient way possible: through video. On its homepage, Streamline features headlines and short video stories from a range of categories, from arts, to sports to world news, giving users the opportunity to explore a variety of topics. Users can find videos either on the app’s homepage or on its separate, topical pages, which can be selected from the dropdown menu. If a user taps on a video, it’ll expand, play and then close, ultimately leaving the user on the homepage or topical page where he or she first started, making it easy to quickly find another video to watch. In short, Streamline is meant to simplify — or streamline —  news consumption. Click around the app and see for yourself. (Note: Not all pages have been designed yet. Only some hotspots have been enabled.)

—App concept and design by Ariana Igneri