Ozy Magazine

From digital to print: Imagining a magazine for

OZY, launched in 2013, is a digital media outlet covering “the new news.” The website reports on topics ranging from arts & culture to business to politics, categorizing its content into unique categories like “Good Sh*t” (interesting things to see, do or listen to) and “Acumen” (number based stories). It aims to produce pieces that are provocative and underreported, appealing to a smart, savvy and young audience.

In a short amount of time, OZY has built a base of a million subscribers online, but it hasn’t yet tried to reach people with print. If the company decided to integrate a print publication into its distribution cycle, it could expand its reach as well as strengthen its brand. The magazine could be printed weekly, delivering readers exclusive print stories as well as stories building on the multimedia content published on OZY’s website. The design of the publication could draw from the website’s design to keep the branding consistent. OZY’s online logo could carry over to the magazine, and its sleek, youthful sans serif fonts could be used in print, too.

—Print concept and design by Ariana Igneri; headlines and photo courtesy of